about me

I have been associated with the arts for more than a decade. Depending on the role, be it artist, teacher, researcher, or administrator, I use a combination of creativity, information, research, and persuasion to achieve personal and professional results. I received an M.A. in Art Education from Boston University. 


My scholarly interests are grounded in Critical and Culturally responsive pedagogy, with research interests in arts integration, Indigenous curriculum, art for special educational needs, and place-based education. As a visual artist, my artistic practice is inclined at investigating themes and issues of mental health, culture, and gender. 


Currently, I serve as the Arts program coordinator and teacher at The Gateway School of Mumbai, a not-for-profit school committed to empowering children with disabilities. Based on the critical strategies of Visual art, my teaching focuses on exploratory, experimental, and improvisational art-making processes in the visual art studio and design courses. I have been a conference speaker and have taught workshops at festivals, galleries, museums in India and Brazil. The granting organizations that have supported my academic and cultural work include the Tata Education and Development Trust and The Keshavlal Bodani Education Foundation.